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Pambazuka News Pambazuka News is produced by a pan-African community of some 2,600 citizens and organisations - academics, policy makers, social activists, women's organisations, civil society organisations, writers, artists, poets, bloggers, and commentators who together produce insightful, sharp and thoughtful analyses and make it one of the largest and most innovative and influential web forums for social justice in Africa.

Latest titles from Pambazuka Press

African Sexualities

Earth Grab A Reader
Sylvia Tamale
A groundbreaking book, accessible but scholarly, by African activists. It uses research, life stories and artistic expression to examine dominant and deviant sexualities, and investigate the intersections between sex, power, masculinities and femininities
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Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya

From Citizen to Refugee Horace Campbell
In this elegantly written and incisive account, scholar Horace Campbell investigates the political and economic crises of the early twenty-first century through the prism of NATO's intervention in Libya.
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Queer African Reader

Demystifying Aid Edited by Sokari Ekine, Hakima Abbas
A diverse collection of writing from across the continent exploring African LGBTI liberation: identity, tactics for activism, international solidarity, homophobia and global politics, religion and culture, and intersections with social justice movements. A richness of voices, a multiplicity of discourses, a quiverful of arguments. African queers writing for each other, theorising ourselves, making our ...more
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China and Angola

African Awakening A Marriage of Convenience?
Edited by Marcus Power, Ana Alves
This book focuses on the increased co-operation between Angola and China and shows that although relations with China might have bolstered regime stability and boosted the international standing of the Angolan government, China is not regarded as a long term strategic partner.
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How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

To Cook a ContinentWalter Rodney
Rodney shows how the imperial countries of Europe, and subsequently the US, bear major responsibility for impoverishing Africa. They have been joined in this exploitation by agents or unwitting accomplices both in the North and in Africa.
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Emerging Powers Digest: 14th Edition, 5 December 2014

In today’s newsletter the Emerging Powers project announces a call for grant applications; gives a summary of Zuma's travels to China and the signing of the 5-10 Year Framework on Cooperation between the two countries; highlights Ethiopia's budding textile industry and relations with China; India's growing investment presence in Africa; militarization of the continent by the emerging actors. The news digest also provides analyses and news reports on China's evolving foreign policy and diplomatic relations. Read these and other news items in this week's edition of the Emerging Powers in Africa news digest.

Call for Grant Proposals

The Emerging Powers in Africa Project is issuing a call for grant proposals. The grants are aimed at examining the political, economic, social and cultural impact of the emerging powers footprint in Africa. The grant is specifically related to empowering civil society actors in gaining the appropriate knowledge and developing the necessary tools to articulate an informed perspective on the emerging powers in Africa and the corresponding impact.


+ Read the Emerging Powers Digest

+ The Emerging Powers Project Homepage

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Pambazuka broadcasts feature audio and video content with cutting edge commentary and debate from social justice movements across the continent.

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This site has been established by Fahamu to provide regular feedback to African civil society organisations on what is happening with the African Union.

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Vatican owes Africa the truth

Could the Catholic Church's Ethnology Museum be holding artefacts with doubtful histories?

Kwame Opoku

2015-02-26, Issue 715

c c PZ
Churches supported the establishment of colonial regimes, especially through the destruction of societal, cultural and religious systems in Africa. Until today racist and ignorant assumptions about African cultures inform the justification of keeping artefacts that missionaries looted from Africa to create collections and museums in Europe.

The invasion of Benin Kingdom

Michelle Yaa Asantewa

2015-02-24, Issue 715

c c TPT
British colonial soldiers committed genocide in the Kingdom of Benin in 1897. They then looted some 4,000 pieces of art which have never been returned. A Nigerian film recreates the invasion, exposing the bestial brutality of Empire.

Malcolm X: Revolutionary voice of struggle and liberation

Five decades since his martyrdom the struggle continues by any means necessary

Abayomi Azikiwe

2015-02-26, Issue 715

c c MX
50 years have passed since the shooting of Malcolm X, yet the institutionalized racism he fought against, as well as its resulting violence, poverty and inequality, still blight many African American communities in the US. It is time to revisit Malcolm X’s life, death, and legacy to find a way out.

Malcolm X’s internationalism and the struggle for Haiti today

Ajamu Nangwaya

2015-02-26, Issue 715

c c AJ
Internationalists who are in agreement with Malcolm X’s internationalism and global justice commitments ought to actively support the fight for self-determination, independence and development of the labouring classes in Haiti.

Introducing The Malcolm X Movement

Building towards a new wave of Global South decolonial anti-imperialist resistance in Britain

Sukant Chandan

2015-02-25, Issue 715

c c MX
Inspired by the man himself, The Malcolm X Movement is a Black and Asian decolonial and anti-imperialist initiative launching in August 2015 in the UK, which is trying to develop unity among the peoples of the Global South in fighting all oppression.

Egypt is calling the West’s bluff over its phony war on ISIS

Dan Glazebrook

2015-02-26, Issue 715

c c TPT
a As Egyptian President Sisi calls for more support in the fight against NATO-funded militias in Libya, the West’s refusal to back him raises the question of their ultimate aims in entering the region. The West is complicity in enabling ISIS to gain a strong foothold and further destabilise Libya, Syria and, potentially, Egypt.

Bye, bye Karuturistan, Ethiopia!

Alemayehu G. Mariam

2015-02-26, Issue 715

c c EP
Karuturi has nothing to show for his “investment”, except a humongous debt. Where are the tens of thousands of hectares of oil palm, sugar cane, rice, edible oils and maize and cotton he promised? Where are the 60,000 workers? They exist only in the warped imaginations of the corrupt state fat cats in Addis Ababa.

Desertec: The renewable energy grab?

Hamza Hamouchene

2015-02-26, Issue 715

c c GP
A plan to power Europe from Saharan solar plants seems to have stalled, but several large North African solar projects are still going ahead despite local concerns. Hamza Hamouchene asks: where did the Desertec project go wrong, and can desert solar power yet play a role in a democratic and sustainable future?

Racism, classism and elitism are alive and well in South Africa

Dhiru Soni and Mark Hay

2015-02-26, Issue 715

c c TIA
Despite the fact that apartheid officially ended in 1994 in South Africa, new forms of racism and elitism continue to linger on, grounded in enduring asymmetries of power. Such power relations continue to serve the interests of elites whilst marginalising millions of indigent people.

Give us back our land

Motsoko Pheko

2015-02-26, Issue 715

c c BBC
The issue of land ownership in South Africa has been on the minds of millions of Africans for many decades, some with no place to bury their dead while being surrounded by luxurious golf courses and palatial hotels. This must change.

Katuna: A paradigm of political economy of cross-border trade and regional integration in Africa

Odomaro Mubangizi

2015-02-26, Issue 715

c c PZ
In the quest for regional integration, it is helpful to look at some of the less known yet strategic locations such as Katuna for models of emulation and improvement. Katuna offers a model of integration from below.

Third term for Kagame: A rare debate

2015-02-19, Issue 714

c c IN
A no-holds-barred debate, of the kind that one cannot hear inside Rwanda, erupted online this week. People expressed themselves freely about the ongoing campaign to remove presidential term limits from the constitution so that Paul Kagame can continue in power after 2017. The debate reveals that there is far more to Rwanda than the dictatorship allows the world to know via massive PR.

Four more years of Jonathan? Good luck, Nigeria!

Abdulrazaq Magaji

2015-02-17, Issue 714

c c AO
Six years of the Jonathan presidency have pushed the country to the precipice. The way it looks, Nigeria might take a dangerous plunge if Jonathan remains in office beyond May 29, 2015. Another four years under the present dispensation is an open invitation to chaos.

Nigeria: Emerging from the brink

Okeoma Ibe

2015-02-19, Issue 714

cc DX
The political situation in Nigeria is increasingly grim. Pre-election violence and hate have risen in the past weeks. The nation’s war against Boko Haram extremists is not yet won. There is a lot of worry about whether the elections postponed to next month will pass off peacefully. It is time for all Nigerians to put their country first.

Where are the people who are going to change things?

Mary Serumaga

2015-02-17, Issue 714

cc DX
Africa often seems to be stuck in an endless cycle of dictators, rancid revolutionaries and false dawns. But genuine champions of change exist, some great others quite ordinary people.

50 years on: Reclaiming Malcolm X for revolutionary pan-Africanism

Ahjamu Umi

2015-02-18, Issue 714

cc 500
From street hustler to powerful orator, Malcolm X’s life was cut short when he was brutally murdered in front of family, friends and supporters. Fifty years on he is still at the forefront of political debate, but his legacy as a towering revolutionary pan-Africanist with important messages for our time is not in doubt.

Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe: What a sense of mission!

Sibonginkosi Mazibuko

2015-02-19, Issue 714

February 27 marks 37 years since the passing away in the hands of the apartheid regime of the great pan-Africanist leader. His radical dedication to the total freedom, unity and prosperity of Africa ought to stir up the present generation to embrace a similar commitment.

Visit to Venezuela a big boost to my revolutionary spirit

Mwandawiro Mghanga

2015-02-19, Issue 714

cc PZ
The Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Kenya gives his impression of a conference he attended in Venezuela on the global fight against neo-liberalism and imperialism. He concludes that Africa and Latin America must strengthen revolutionary friendship in order to build a more just and humane world.

A Jihad against Somali music is under way

Bashir Goth

2015-02-18, Issue 714

cc CS
Unbeknown to many people, some powerful conservative Somali clerics are strong-arming famous musicians into ending and disowning their own musical careers, on spurious claims that the music is prohibited in Islam. Music is very important in Somali culture and in Islamic traditions. Extremists must not be allowed to go on with this senseless eradication of heritage.

Keep South Africa’s lights on with renewable energy – or irradiate a darkened nation

Patrick Bond

2015-02-19, Issue 714

cc Bio
After an explosive start to his State of the Nation Address last week, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma turned to nuclear, coal, fracking and offshore drilling projects – but what about the country’s free sunshine, wind and tides?

Nigeria, history and the clear and present danger

Chido Onumah

2015-02-12, Issue 713

c c PTV
Nigeria has postponed its fiercest presidential election scheduled for this weekend. Nothing new. What is, however, worrying is the fact that every Nigerian election is a referendum on the continued existence of the country. A genuine national conversation about whether the country is sustainable the way it exists today is needed.

Pursuing Chadian dictator Habré: ‘It’s Africa judging Africa’

An interview with Lawyer Jacqueline Moudeina

Zahra Moloo

2015-02-12, Issue 713

c c RL
Jacqueline Moudeina is a Chadian lawyer and President of The Chadian Association for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (ATPDH). She is a recipient of the 2011 Right Livelihood Award. Moudeina is pursuing justice for the survivors of former Chadian president Hissène Habré’s terror regime.

Fidel is right: Don’t trust the US

Farooque Chowdhury

2015-02-11, Issue 713

c c RG
As the Cuban revolutionary icon knows only too well, Empire’s war against countries aspiring to live with dignity is widespread: ranging from organizing subversion and coups to economic sabotage.

Fidel is out of this league

Randy Perdomo García

2015-02-11, Issue 713

c c TG
The president of the main Cuban student union describes his unique meeting with the leader of the Cuban Revolution and former Cuban president Fidel Castro. The 88-year-old revolutionary has become scarce in public after resigning from office citing health concerns, but as this young student narrates, Fidel is still very vital and aware.

Bad influence: The dangers of U.S. foreign policy in Rwanda

A response to Ambassador Erica Barks-Ruggles

2015-02-11, Issue 713

c c US
America’s new ambassador to Kigali has hit the ground running, with a recent letter to the Rwandan people in which she reiterates the pro-Kagame policies of the U.S. Government. It is amazing that the US chooses to look the other way in the face of many reports, including its own, detailing rampant atrocities committed by the Kagame regime.

Power to the people: Participatory democracy in El Salvador

An interview with Congresswoman Estela Hernandez

Beverly Bell

2015-02-11, Issue 713

c c OWAP
Estela Hernandez is both a member of the national assembly and a leader in the transformational social movement, La Coordinadora of the Lower Lempa and the Bay of Jiquilisco in rural El Salvador. Here she talks about a radical vision and practice of direct, participatory democracy by the citizens in the government of the FMLN.

The Movement for Democratic Change reform agenda since August 2013: Challenges and opportunities

Ntshembo Mathye

2015-02-12, Issue 713

c c TG
A lot of work needs to be done in the current climate of infighting and breakaways at MDC. Last year’s crushing defeat at the elections was a clear indication that a divided and weak opposition will never remove President Mugabe and ZANU-PF from power.

Lorraine Hansberry: Pioneering playwright and political activist

African American writer’s work mirrors the struggles of the 1960s

Abayomi Azikiwe

2015-02-12, Issue 713

c c VW
Lorraine’s work has made a significant contribution to the artistic and political expression of the African American people in their struggle against national oppression and economic exploitation. Her writings and social activism will inevitably be studied by generations to come.

A call for truth and justice in the African Great Lakes Region

2015-02-05, Issue 712

c c ABC
Over 65 experts and activists from different countries have written to the BBC in support of the documentary “Rwanda's untold story”, aired last October, which they say has significantly contributed to establishing previously ignored historical truth in the African Great Lakes Region. They want the UN to set up a mechanism to prosecute all persons responsible for horrendous crimes committed in the region since 1990.

Rwanda 1994 and the ICTR: A reply to Alex Obote-Odora

Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

2015-02-05, Issue 712

c c MSF
In this latest installment of the ongoing exchange between Edward S. Herman and David Peterson, on the one hand, and Alex Obote-Odora, on the other, the authors of ‘Enduring Lies’ conclude that there is no point in arguing with the former senior official of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. His attempt to legitimise the assassination of Rwandan President Habyarimana, which sparked the genocide, is just part of efforts to cover up the Rwandan Patriotic Front’s culture of impunity, argue the authors.

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