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Latest titles from Pambazuka Press

African Sexualities

Earth Grab A Reader
Sylvia Tamale
A groundbreaking book, accessible but scholarly, by African activists. It uses research, life stories and artistic expression to examine dominant and deviant sexualities, and investigate the intersections between sex, power, masculinities and femininities
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Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya

From Citizen to Refugee Horace Campbell
In this elegantly written and incisive account, scholar Horace Campbell investigates the political and economic crises of the early twenty-first century through the prism of NATO's intervention in Libya.
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Queer African Reader

Demystifying Aid Edited by Sokari Ekine, Hakima Abbas
A diverse collection of writing from across the continent exploring African LGBTI liberation: identity, tactics for activism, international solidarity, homophobia and global politics, religion and culture, and intersections with social justice movements. A richness of voices, a multiplicity of discourses, a quiverful of arguments. African queers writing for each other, theorising ourselves, making our ...more
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China and Angola

African Awakening A Marriage of Convenience?
Edited by Marcus Power, Ana Alves
This book focuses on the increased co-operation between Angola and China and shows that although relations with China might have bolstered regime stability and boosted the international standing of the Angolan government, China is not regarded as a long term strategic partner.
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How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

To Cook a ContinentWalter Rodney
Rodney shows how the imperial countries of Europe, and subsequently the US, bear major responsibility for impoverishing Africa. They have been joined in this exploitation by agents or unwitting accomplices both in the North and in Africa.
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Pambazuka broadcasts feature audio and video content with cutting edge commentary and debate from social justice movements across the continent.

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This site has been established by Fahamu to provide regular feedback to African civil society organisations on what is happening with the African Union.

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Social movements

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South Africa: Mike Sutcliffe bans another Abahlali baseMjondolo march

2010-03-12, Issue 473

The notorious Mike Sutcliffe has banned another Abahlali baseMjondolo march. We have, as always, scrupulously followed the laws that govern protest and we have informed the City in good time that we intend to march on Jacob Zuma on 22 March 2010. Yes...

South Africa: Power price surge leads to strike threats

2010-02-26, Issue 471

South African trade unions are threatening strikes after the country's government allowed state-owned power firm Eskom to raise prices by 24.8%. Both consumers and businesses will struggle with significantly higher electricity bills, unions argue. Th...

South Africa: South Africans say no to Eskom's R29 billion World Bank loan

2010-02-19, Issue 470

Communities, environmental groups, academics and NGOs are calling on the World Bank to cease and desist from a proposed loan of R29 billion ($3.75 bn) to Eskom. If this loan – which may come up for a Board vote in March or April – goes through, poor ...

Ten years after Seattle - Challenges for global social movements

2010-02-12, Issue 469

Ten years ago the WTO-protests in Seattle were the beginning of a powerful re-vitalization of global struggles against capitalist globalization. What is the state of the global justice movement today? Is there a need for a strategic re-orientation? F...

Interface – A journal for and about social movements

Call for papers – Issue 4:

2010-02-05, Issue 468

Interface is a new journal produced twice yearly by activists and academics around the world in response to the development and increased visibility of social movements in the last few years – and the immense amount of knowledge generated in this pro...

WSF: Back seat driver of social change

2010-01-27, Issue 467

The World Social Forum (WSF) is only "a tool" and must not be confused with the global movement for another world, says Chico Whitaker, one of the founders of this meeting which is celebrating its tenth year with a seminar to assess its track record ...

Global: WSF: Africa Continues to Draw Inspiration

2010-01-29, Issue 467

The same kind of worldwide solidarity that helped bring down apartheid is necessary to free the global South from economic domination. "Global solidarity has proved to be the only sustainable mode of confronting global apartheid, as exemplified by th...

Global: Third NYC Encuentro for Dignity & Against Displacement

2010-01-29, Issue 467

An echo that turns itself into many voices, into a network of voices that, before the deafness of power, opts to speak to itself, knowing itself to be one and many, acknowledging itself to be equal in its desire to listen and be listened to, recogniz...

South Africa: What is happening in Kennedy Road after the Attack on AbM?

2010-01-29, Issue 467

After the 26th September 2009 attack on Abahlali baseMjondolo in Kennedy Road by the shebeen owners and the ANC the life of the people has changed into misery. Everything is out of their control and some people are even abandoning the area due to a h...

South Africa: Help Zille-Raine Heights fight eviction

2010-01-29, Issue 467

On Friday the 29th of January, over 260 women, men, children and elderly will be represented in court for our appeal trial against forceful relocation from Zille Raine Heights informal settlement in Grassy Park to Happy Valley, 35 kms away from Cape ...

South Africa: Call to a prayer meeting for the Kennedy 12

22 January 2010

2010-01-22, Issue 466

On Friday 22 January, the "Kennedy 12" will be in court for the eighth time. The five will be expecting judgement in the bail application, while the seven will be seeking relaxation of their bail conditions. The "Kennedy 12" now need your presence, y...

South Africa: Blikkiesdorp evictees evicted again

2010-01-22, Issue 466

At 4pm January 21, 48 law enforcement officers from the City of Cape Town invaded the city's Temporary Relocation Area, Blikkiesdorp, and removed about 60 people from the one roomed dwellings. This was done completely unlawfully without any high cour...

Global: The World Bank - Civil Society Engagement: Review of Fiscal Years 2007 to 2009

2009-12-07, Issue 461

A new report, "The World Bank - Civil Society Engagement: Review of Fiscal Years 2007 to 2009" was launched at a reception on October 4 at the Annual Meetings in Istanbul. Some 100 CSO representatives and Bank staff attended. Senior Vice President Ma...

'Global: Farmers movement mobilize in Copenhagen'

La Via Campesina

2009-12-09, Issue 461

Industrial agriculture is the skeleton in the closet of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). If we consider production, processing and transportation, the whole food chain could be responsible for up to half of all glob...

South Africa: A Report on AbM & the Kennedy Road Settlement

2009-12-10, Issue 461

Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM), a shack dwellers’ movement in Durban has contributed tremendously to the protection of the right to adequate housing by mobilising shack dwellers to resist and challenge forced evictions and insist on in-situ upgrading of...

Somalia: Mogadishu bombing - the backlash

2009-12-11, Issue 461

This month's deadly bombing of a medical school's graduation ceremony in Somalia will likely reduce the popularity of the country's main Islamist insurgency, despite the group's denial of involvement, say analysts. A civilian uprising against Al-Shab...

Global: WTO : Cooking up crises !

Peasant mobilizations against the WTO

2009-11-27, Issue 459

From November 27 to December 3, the international peasant movement La Via Campesina and Uniterre will gather for the 7th Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva. Thirty delegates from Africa, Asia and Europe will be present to remi...

Burundi: Reverse ban on civil society group

2009-11-27, Issue 459

Burundian authorities should immediately retract an ordinance outlawing the Forum for the Strengthening of Civil Society (FORSC), an umbrella organization representing 146 Burundian civil society associations, said Amnesty International, the East and...

South Africa: Protest against state repression planned

Western Cape Anti-eviction Campaign

2009-11-27, Issue 459

Our movement is under serious attack in Durban. Our comrades in Abahlali baseMjondolo in Durban have been attacked and had their homes destroyed by an armed ANC militia supported by the local police and politicians. We will be holding a protest again...

Kenyan civil society to undergo peer review

Zaya Yeebo

2009-11-24, Issue 459

cc Shimriz
Following the completion of the Democratic Governance Civil Society Week (DG–CSW) in Kisumu, Western Province, Kenya, Zaya Yeebo rounds up the discussions and highlights the increasingly recognised need for civil society to demand the same accountability of itself that it does of the country's government.

South Africa: AEC activist to speak in the US

2009-11-20, Issue 458

This month, one of the Anti-Eviction Campaign's coordinators, Ashraf Cassiem, is going around the U.S., speaking at college campuses and meeting with activist to share information about post-apartheid community struggles, particularly with the forced...

South Africa: Cleric calls for the release of the Kennedy Thirteen

2009-11-20, Issue 458

After their 6th inconclusive bail hearing, it is now abundantly clear that the legal process for the Kennedy 13 is a complete travesty of justice. They are scheduled to appear again on the 27th November. By that time, some of accused will have been i...

South Africa: Albert Park moves into action

2009-11-13, Issue 457

“It’s only us who can really understand our challenges and come up with appropriate solutions. The time for talking is over. It’s now time for action.” These words, from a participant in the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s community conversations on soci...

Global: UN General Assembly declares July 18 Nelson Mandela International Day

2009-11-13, Issue 457

The Nelson Mandela Foundation and its sister charities are pleased with the United Nations General Assembly’s declaration of July 18, Nelson Mandela’s birthday, as “Nelson Mandela International Day”, an international day of activism....

Africa: Civil society presses states for ICC support

2009-11-06, Issue 456

A network of African civil society and international organizations today called upon African Union (AU) states to use the AU's upcoming session about the International Criminal Court (ICC) to promote the court's ability to prosecute the world's worst...

South Africa: Renewed eviction of 200 residents begins in Mandela Park

2009-10-30, Issue 455

The residents of Mandela Park in Khayelitsha are reliving their worst nightmares once again - residents are being evicted from their homes just like five years ago. More than 200 homes have been served with eviction orders, with approximately 10 evic...

Kenya: “It's Our Money. Where's It Gone?”

International Budget Partnership

2009-10-30, Issue 455

The International Budget Partnership has released “It's Our Money. Where's It Gone?”—a new documentary film on the work one of its partners, MUHURI (Muslims for Human Rights), is doing to involve communities directly in monitoring the Constituency De...

Africa: October Beijing + 15 Update


2009-10-22, Issue 454

African women’s organizations at the national level have been mobilized to form National Working Groups to review their country’s progress in implementing the Beijing Platform for Action. We hope that in preparing for the Africa Regional meeting on B...

Global: Civil society and peacebuilding

2009-10-23, Issue 454

How can civil society most effectively work for peacebuilding? This working paper from the Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding presents the findings of a comparative research project which analysed the performance of civil society in re...

Algeria: Police fire on slum protest

2009-10-23, Issue 454

People living in a slum district of the Algerian capital have taken to the streets for a second day to protest against job and housing shortages. Residents of the Diar Echams area, frustrated over high unemployment and inadequate housing, clashed wit...

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