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African Sexualities

Earth Grab A Reader
Sylvia Tamale
A groundbreaking book, accessible but scholarly, by African activists. It uses research, life stories and artistic expression to examine dominant and deviant sexualities, and investigate the intersections between sex, power, masculinities and femininities
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Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya

From Citizen to Refugee Horace Campbell
In this elegantly written and incisive account, scholar Horace Campbell investigates the political and economic crises of the early twenty-first century through the prism of NATO's intervention in Libya.
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Queer African Reader

Demystifying Aid Edited by Sokari Ekine, Hakima Abbas
A diverse collection of writing from across the continent exploring African LGBTI liberation: identity, tactics for activism, international solidarity, homophobia and global politics, religion and culture, and intersections with social justice movements. A richness of voices, a multiplicity of discourses, a quiverful of arguments. African queers writing for each other, theorising ourselves, making our ...more
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China and Angola

African Awakening A Marriage of Convenience?
Edited by Marcus Power, Ana Alves
This book focuses on the increased co-operation between Angola and China and shows that although relations with China might have bolstered regime stability and boosted the international standing of the Angolan government, China is not regarded as a long term strategic partner.
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How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

To Cook a ContinentWalter Rodney
Rodney shows how the imperial countries of Europe, and subsequently the US, bear major responsibility for impoverishing Africa. They have been joined in this exploitation by agents or unwitting accomplices both in the North and in Africa.
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Pambazuka broadcasts feature audio and video content with cutting edge commentary and debate from social justice movements across the continent.

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This site has been established by Fahamu to provide regular feedback to African civil society organisations on what is happening with the African Union.

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Africa: Remittances update

AfricaFocus Bulletin Mar 10, 2010 (100310)

2010-03-12, Issue 473

A 2009 report from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) notes that some 30 million African workers outside their countries send home approximately $40 billion a year in remittances. But with only as many "payout" locations on th...

Africa: Education for All?

AfricaFocus Bulletin Feb 28, 2010 (100228)

2010-03-05, Issue 472

Education - particularly the education of girls - is fundamental to development, and is increasingly recognized as not only a national but also a global responsibility. The recent international effort called the Fast Track Initiative has significantl...

Zimbabwe: Demystifying "Sanctions" - AfricaFocus Bulletin Feb 16, 2010 (100216)

2010-02-19, Issue 470

The European Union formally decided on February 15 to lift restrictive measures against 6 individuals and 9 companies in Zimbabwe that were previously subject to travel bans and asset freezes, but continued the measures for another year on the majori...

Global:AfricaFocus Bulletin Feb 8, 2010 (100208) USA/Africa: Two to tango

2010-02-12, Issue 469

Corruption is not a solitary activity, and the networks that promote corruption are rarely confined to one country or one continent. For corruption in Africa, countries outside the continent enter the picture not only when foreign companies pay bribe...

Africa: Africa's Haiti debt in context

AfricaFocus Bulletin Feb 2, 2010 (100202)

2010-02-05, Issue 468

This AfricaFocus Bulletin contains a letter from 80 U.S. organizations to U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner calling for cancellation of Haiti's debt, a background paper on Haiti's debt by Jubilee USA, and a brief description by historian Alex von Tunz...

Rwanda: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

AfricaFocus Bulletin Jan 24, 2010 (100124)

2010-01-29, Issue 467

"The April 6, 1994 assassination of Rwandan President Habyarimana was the work of Hutu extremists who calculated that killing their own leader would torpedo a power-sharing agreement known as the Arusha Accords. The landmark deal would have ended yea...

DRC: Militarization of mining well-entrenched

AfricaFocus Bulletin Dec 22, 2009 (091222)

2010-01-08, Issue 464

"The illicit exploitation of natural resources is not a new phenomenon in eastern DRC. It has characterised the conflict since it first erupted in 1996 and has been well documented by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the United Nations Panel of...

Africa: Ending Malaria in Sight

AfricaFocus Bulletin Nov 27, 2009 (091127)

2009-12-06, Issue 460

On the Comoran island of Moheli, with a population of 36,000, malaria has been eliminated with the aid of a comprehensive Chinese-assisted treatment campaign. And at the 5th Pan-African malaria conference, held in Nairobi in early November, Kenya's m...

Eritrea: Press Freedom Updates

AfricaFocus Bulletin Nov 15, 2009 (091115)

2009-11-20, Issue 458

Eritrea ranks at the very bottom of Reporters without Borders index of press freedom for 2009, released in October. This AfricaFocus Bulletin contains two recent short reports from Reporters without Borders on the situation of journalists in Eritrea,...

Africa: Donors retreating on AIDS

AfricaFocus Bulletin Nov 6, 2009 (091106)

2009-11-13, Issue 457

A new report released by Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) / Doctors without Borders, documents both extensive achievements in expanding AIDS treatment in recent years, and the threat that funding slowdowns will not only stall expanding treatment, but a...

Africa: Climate Change and Natural Resources

AfricaFocus Bulletin Oct 29, 2009 (091029

2009-10-30, Issue 455

On the eve of the climate change summit in Copenhagen this December, momentum for action still falls far short of that needed to avert catastrophe. Africa will suffer consequences out of all proportion to its contribution to global warming, which is ...

Sudan: Policy Debates and Dilemmas

AfricaFocus Bulletin Oct 11, 2009 (091011)

2009-10-23, Issue 454

In the debate on international policies towards Sudan, analysts as Alex de Waal and Mahmood Mamdani have convincingly critiqued Save Darfur movement and the International Criminal Court for counterproductive "humanitarian fundamentalism."...

Sudan: Between peace and war

AfricaFocus Bulletin Oct 11, 2009

2009-10-18, Issue 453

The pace of diplomacy on Sudan is increasing, with talks set to resume on Darfur and active engagement by the African Union, the United Nations, and the United States in efforts to move Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement forward as it approaches t...

Africa: Wind Power in Global Context

AfricaFocus Bulletin Oct 4 2009

2009-10-09, Issue 451

This web-only AfricaFocus Bulletin contains brief excerpts on the role of wind in the world energy economy from the chapter on renewable energy in the new book Plan B 4.0 by Lester Brown....

Africa: Reading for all

AfricaFocus Bulletin Sep 22, 2009 (090922)

2009-09-25, Issue 449

Every two years beginning in 1999, there has been a Pan African Reading for All Conference, sponsored by the International Development Committee for Africa, the leadership of African councils of the International Reading Association. The conference i...

USA/Somalia: Slippery Slope

AfricaFocus Bulletin Sep 15, 2009 (090915)

2009-09-18, Issue 448

This AfricaFocus Bulletin contains excerpts from several articles with commentary both on U.S. policy and on other aspects of the situation in Somalia. Elizabeth Dickson in Foreign Policy comments on disagreements within the U.S. government about the...

Zimbabwe: ZIG Watch : Issue 8


2009-09-11, Issue 447

August saw the continuation of the chaos in Zimbabwe, with ever more breaches of the GPA being recorded, the majority of which fell into the following categories:...

Cape Verde: Transnational Archipelago

AfricaFocus Bulletin Aug 18, 2009 (090818)

2009-09-04, Issue 446

The headling in Cape Verde's bilingual A Semana on August 13, ( or, read "Clinton's visit ...

Kenya: National Government of Impunity?

AfricaFocus Bulletin Aug 4, 2009 (090804)

2009-08-07, Issue 445

On July 30, only days before this week's visit of U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to Kenya, the first stop on her 7-country Africa trip, the Kenyan Cabinet decided to reject special prosecution of those responsible for post-election violence i...

USA/Kenya: What Kind of Partnership?

AfricaFocus Bulletin Aug 4, 2009 (090804)

2009-08-07, Issue 445

"Many people had hoped that Kenya's 2007 presidential elections would cement Kenya's democratic progress and would provide a solid foundation for the country to break out of its economic doldrums and begin to achieve some of its enormous economic pot...

Africa: Refugee Rights News, June 2009

2009-07-30, Issue 444

The June issue of Refugee rights carries the following articles: Repatriation or Else: Closing the Mtabila Refugee Camp in Tanzania; World Refugee Day Celebrations in Africa—Civil Society Initiatives; World Refugee Survey 2009: Limited Progress on Re...

Africa: Backsliding on AIDS Funding

AfricaFocus Bulletin Jul 28, 2009 (090728

2009-07-31, Issue 444

"Why is it not possible to allocate sufficient money for every aspect of global health, of which AIDS is but a part, and in so doing, meet the Millennium Development Goals - money which is but a fraction, a miniscule fraction of all the public dollar...

USA/Africa: Obama in Ghana, What Kind of Change?

AfricaFocus Bulletin Jul 10, 2009 (090710)

2009-07-17, Issue 442

President Barack Obama's trip to Ghana will be rich in symbolism. But those hoping for a new direction in U.S. Africa policy are tempering their hopes with skepticism. The issue posed, parallel to that in other policy spheres, is to what extent chang...

Uganda: Recovery from Conflict?

AfricaFocus Bulletin Jun 24, 2009 (090624)

2009-06-26, Issue 439

This AfricaFocus Bulletin contains a statement by the Washington-based Africa Faith and Justice Network, a participant in the coalition lobby effort for the billin the UC Congress, but an outspoken opponent of the military option; the full statement ...

Africa: Climate change action, Who will pay?

AfricaFocus Bulletin Jun 18, 2009 (090618)

2009-06-19, Issue 438

This AfricaFocus Bulletin contains a briefing note based on the full Stamp Out Poverty report entitled "Assessing the Alternatives: Financing climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries ( This repo...

Africa: Innovative Global Financing

AfricaFocus Bulletin June 8, 2009 (090608)

2009-06-12, Issue 437

In the course of his May 28 speech to the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development, to be chaired by France over the next year, Kouchner went so far as to pledge support for experimentation with a financial transactions tax, a proposal t...

Africa Synergy newsletter

2009-06-05, Issue 436

African synergy is focused on facilitating cultural collaboration across Africa - in every way possible. Our goal is to see a decisive break with the legacy of ‘cultural isolation’ between African countries. To this end, we build arts linkages cross ...

South Africa: Amandla! News Diary

2009-06-05, Issue 436

The Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC) is working in partnership with the National Community Radio forum (NCRF) to produce a quarterly Amandla! News Diary. The Diary aims to support community media projects in South Africa to set a pr...

Africa: Economy and Human Rights, 1

AfricaFocus Bulletin Jun 1, 2009 (090601)

2009-06-05, Issue 436

"Our first demand in our new campaign ["Demand Dignity"] is to the G-2 leaders, USA and China. The United States does not accept the notion of economic, social and cultural rights while China does not respect civil and political rights. We call on bo...

Africa: Economy and Human Rights, 2

AfricaFocus Bulletin Jun 1, 2009 (090601)

2009-06-05, Issue 436

Amnesty International's report, released in late May, covers economic, social, and cultural rights as well as civil and political rights, stressing the ways in which the global economic recession has exacerbated previously existing patterns of human ...

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