Rachel Gichinga is a 25-year old ‘sometime’ blogger. She’s admitted that she does not blog as often as she would like to. However, she has written a few posts about the post-election violence and on Kenyan politics. Some of these posts got picked up by a US television channel, NBC Channel One. She has her blogs posted on her Facebook page.

Rachel feels that the idea that one can participate in transformative thinking regardless of their position and status in life both humbles and empowers the blogger; and she would absolutely love to be a part of helping other young women find and use their voices in this simple yet powerful manner.

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Jayne Craven is an internationally-recognized professional in public and press relations, marketing (from grass roots to international efforts), volunteer management, corporate community relations and online communications for mission-based organizations (not-for-profit organizations [NPOs], non-governmental organizations [NGOs], civil society, and public sector organizations [government departments, schools and related initiatives]). She is well-versed in the effective use of (as well as the realities of using) basic Internet tools by NGOs, such as email, web sites and online discussion groups, as well as advanced tools, such as podcasting, instant messaging, blogs, wikis, video conferencing and recorded online video.

She launched her web site in January 1996, but has been active on the Internet since 1993.

A citizen of the USA and a native of Kentucky, she has lived in Germany since February 2001.

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Paula Odhiambo: Paula is passionate about young African women, but does not consider herself to be politically correct when it comes to the truth, and she generally tries to steer away from anything that does not glorify God.

A committed Christian, Paula loves to read the Bible, books by A.W. Tozer and Charles Spurgeon.

Paula has mentored many young women and was recommended for this project by one of the young ladies who she has mentored in the past.

You can read more about Paula from her site.

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