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African Monetary Union

The AU Monitor is launching its Monthly Discussion Paper series.

Each month we will bring you an original article that we hope will promote discussion, debate and sharing among the community of citizens and civil society across Africa committed to the ideals of pan-Africanism and a people-driven union.

In the first of its kind, this month’s paper, written by Professor Mammo Muchie, examines the necessity for a pan-African monetary union. Professor Muchie argues for “the creation of a unified African strategy and unified approach to dealing with the outside donor world by neutralising the poison of money as honey that donor aid has come to be in Africa.” He provides a historic and contemporary context for the unification of monetary and customs systems across Africa and argues for a dual currency system for the self-financing of African development and for sustained self-determination.

We expect that you will find Professor Muchie’s article captivating and look forward to reading your opinions, comments and feedback.

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