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Call for application: Pan-Africanists in residence

(Oxfam)-- Dear all,

We are happy to announce the call for applications for the Oxfam Pan-Africanists in Residence Secondment Project, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This call’s deadline has been extended until November 23rd, 2010. Oxfam International Liaison Office with the African Union will host the successful applicant selected for the secondment project. Please find below and attached the call for applications with all the relevant information. We look forward to your applications, and feel free to distribute within your networks.


Located in Addis Ababa, African Union (AU) key organs including the African Union Commission (AUC), Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC) and the Peace and Security Council (PSC) have key responsibilities for translating the ideals of the AU into reality. The emergence of rights based policy standards and legal instruments that hold African states to higher standards of performance hold the promise for a better tomorrow and a better Africa. The continental body’s presence in International forums, supporting member states to assert common African positions in global negotiations- most recently in the Copenhagen climate talks, highlights the continued pivotal role the AU can play. In addition, in varying degrees, the African Union has innovative peer review processes and influence on states that are unwilling or unable to protect and promote the rights of their citizens and peoples. Though not perfect, the Africa Peer Review Mechanism is the only mechanism of its kind globally. This expansion and momentum needs to be supported, in order for the AU to reach the goals it has set out to achieve.

Pro-active African coalitions and organisations have seized the opportunities to influence responsive common policy decisions and resolutions, and common policy platforms for global negotiation. Yet, important policy debates concerning the livelihoods of African citizens do not involve broader public participation. Over the last five years, there has been the emergence of pan-Africa civil society organisations (NGOs, networks, alliances, coalitions and movements as well as think tanks and research centres) that have tried to engage directly with the AU on a diverse set of policy issues (HIV/AIDS, women’s rights, Trade and Peace and Security). As the role and influence of these groups increase and become more important in the space created by the AU and the regional communities- maintaining and expanding the space in future for autonomous, direct civil society interaction with the AU will become critical to promoting the ability of civil society to contribute to the AU. Concerted public pressure and united political will are needed at both continental and national levels to make the AU a reality in the lives of ordinary citizens.

Oxfam’s Addis presence and demonstrated expertise in these areas can be better placed at the disposal of partners through the newly opened Liaison Office with the AU.


As such, the new Oxfam International Liaison office with the African Union (OIAU) would like to put the 2nd call for civil society actors or staff of locally constituted NGOs, and coalitions of organizations who have the mandate and plan to engage the African Union, to be present in Addis Ababa and conduct their work. This secondment call is to enable committed and often disenfranchised communities’ representative to get the opportunity to meet the policy and decision makers at the AU Commission. These representatives would also draft and implement a strategy of engagement with the Permanent Representative Committee and influence the decision of the various countries that play a key role in the development of a certain issue that is pertinent to them.

Oxfam will offer support for advocacy and engagement with policy institutions as part of the overall secondment experience. The successful candidate(s) will be welcomed in a professional office environment to conduct the specific work programme, which he/she would have prepared ahead of time. In addition, he/she will work with friendly and qualified staff that will share their knowledge of the African Union, the local context under which the activist will manage his/her time in Addis Ababa, as well as any additional resource at their disposal.

- The Specific Objectives of the secondment

- To enhance the knowledge and relationship of CSOs in the various organs of the AU

- To build the capacity of existing coalitions of CSOs or organizations working at a pan-African level to develop their own relationships with key policymakers and understanding of AU policies and policy making cycles in Addis Ababa.

- To strengthen the role and influence of non-state actors in the AU’s policy-making process

- To build campaigning and advocacy capacity for activists or representatives of locally constituted NGOs or networks

Expected Outcomes

- To have a pool of informed, experienced and strong civil society actors with knowledge and networks at the AU Commission

- Strong pan-African professionals who are committed to share their experience and knowledge to the wider local and regional civil society actors

- A strong and consistent CSO message being communicated to African policy and decision makers


Assisted by Oxfam International Liaison Office staff, the pan Africanist in residence is expected to develop his/her own work programme/plan for the duration of the secondment. This information will be required after confirmation of selection, for planning purposes. The objective setting and performance will be according to this work plan, and final output/result should be consistent and measurable. In addition, Oxfam encourages the pan-African professional to write public articles, participate and/or speak at local universities, and other relevant fora, attend relevant AU events, and organize a public event in the form of a policy dialogue or panel discussion.

The secondment is not paid. Employees of organizations will have to continue securing their pay from their respective employers. However, Oxfam will cover the following for the successful candidates:

A return air-ticket

Accommodation in a reasonably priced and safe area

Office space

Stipend for food, Communications and local transportation

Costs associated with orientation to Addis Ababa and the AU

All other expenses will be the responsibility of the individual (i.e.: local travel or travel back to home country prior to the completion of the host agreement, medical insurance, etc…)


Applicants for the pan-Africanists in residence project shall meet the following criteria:

Be sponsored by an organization or a group of organizations currently engaged in campaigning or programming around the AU or have demonstrated a commitment to do so in the future. Special preference will be given to applicants coming from coalitions of organizations.

- Be currently employed or have demonstrated active membership of the organization for at least one year

- Adhere to pan-African values and the importance of African multi-lateral institutions to fight poverty, injustice and suffering

- A graduate degree-holder or one with a minimum 3 years experience after their Bachelor’s degree

- Proficient in the use of computers and internet research

- Excellent written and oral communications in either English or French

- Preference will be given to young professionals and a gender parity principle will be applied

- Not be a current member of Oxfam staff or be related to a current staff member of Oxfam affiliates or Oxfam International


The deadline for responding to the call for applications is November 23rd, 2010. The review of all applications and supporting documents will be managed by a panel, whose decision will be final and we commit to the timely communication of the decision to the best two candidates who successfully met the requirements. The chosen candidate will be expected to report for work on Monday December 13th, 2010 until March 11th, 2011. If for any reason the first choice candidate is unable or unwilling to accept the offer, the second runner up will be the next candidate to be contacted.


Applicants must submit their curriculum vitae, a letter of support from their sponsoring organization stating how this would benefit their existing or future programme (not more than two pages) and a personal statement of purpose detailing an advocacy plan with objectives and how this furthers the work of their organization (not more than two pages). These documents must be submitted by e-mail to and . Please send all required documents in a single e-mail. Only successful candidates will be contacted.


Ms. Yemisrach Kebede, Pan Africa Alliance Officer, Oxfam International, Liaison office with the African Union,Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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