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Kadhafi Seeks ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa

(PANA)--African Union (AU) chairman and Libyan revolutionary leader Mouammar Kadhafi has called for a funding programme for Africa comparable to the US Marshall plan for rebuilding Western Europe after World War II.

Addressing the G8 group of industrialised nations during its recently-concluded summit in L’Aquila, Italy, he said Africa needed massive foreign investments to enable it to exploit its huge natural resources, adding that the good intentions and pledges of aid made by the previous G8 meetings have yet to yield results. ‘We have projects that need investments and which are likely to meet the continent’s needs, such as the Inga dam in Congo, Lake Chad and the Nile Delta,’ the Libyan leader said during a session of the summit devoted to Africa.

He also stressed the need for those willing to help Africa to do so without imposing conditions, like forcing African nations to imbibe the Western political model. ‘Africa, through its social structures, adapts to a natural social system which Western countries, after decades of colonisation and slavery, find difficult to understand,’ he said, adding that democracy is all about the people being in power. He cited the Libyan example of ‘direct people’s democracy’ where, he said, each man and woman exercises power.

The Libyan leader urged the G8 leaders to invite poor countries like Malawi, Bur kina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Chad, Niger, Burundi and Djibouti to the next G8 summit, instead of making it an exclusive club of rich nations as well as producers of oil and gas.

President Kadhafi also briefed the G8 leaders on the decisions of the recent AU summit in Sirte, Libya, especially the transformation of the AU Commission into an Authority of the Union. Under the AU Authority, he said, there will be a coordinator of African foreign policy so that, from now on, Africa would speak with one voice. He also talked of the defence council that, within the context of the Authority, would be chaired by a defence coordinator who will liaise with other military commands around the world, as well as a coordinator for external trade, who will negotiate on behalf of the continent at such fora as World Trade Organization and other international institutions.

The AU chairman also reiterated Africa’s right to have a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council, with all the privileges attached to it, so as to preserve international balance and world peace. He urged the permanent members of the Security Council present at the G8 meeting not to oppose the proposal when it comes up at the UN General Assembly.

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